Many Happy Rewards

As writers, we can go days, weeks or even years before enjoying the tangible benefits of our work. These benefits may come in the form of monetary compensation, positive reviews or simply a nice email from a fan. But what about the little victories that get us through the daily slog, the ones that keep…
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The Myth of Time and the Cabin in the Woods

I’ve often said that marketing a book is like running for office—mostly grass roots appearances (sometimes in readers’ homes), rubber chicken lunches and book store signings where patrons generally ask for directions to the bathroom. However, unlike running for office, book marketing never ends. And so I find myself planning to go back on the…
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Life is Not a Genre

I’m not a big fan of writing critique groups. I know they work well for some authors, but you need to get really lucky to land in the right one. For most, it’s just too darned easy for members to offer up facile opinions not grounded in anything but personal taste or worse. On the…
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The Name Game

Character names are more important than many authors, especially beginning ones, realize. I read a book a few years back, in which most of the main characters were given two first names, as in Bob Charles, John Thomas, Nancy Henry, etc. Not only are the names generic (showing almost no thought on the part of…
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The Many Meanings of Success

When I’m not running a communications company and/or working on Las Vegas novels, I do a little writing consulting in my spare time. In fact, the only thing I like better than writing is talking about writing. So it makes sense. About 20 percent of what I discuss with my writing clients involves technical problems…
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Corn Flakes Don’t Make Me Happy

Here’s a short story I wrote based loosely on my favorite uncle’s trip to Las Vegas a few years back.   “Hello, Mitch,” said the deep voice on the phone. “It’s Cousin Larry.” My stomach tightened. Whenever Larry from Detroit calls, it’s bad news. “What’s up, Cuz?” I asked, trying to sound casual. “How’s Uncle…
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Happy New Year

Welcome to the new Website and Blog of Las Vegas Author Brian Rouff. To view the old website please visit More to come so please check back soon.
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