July 25, 2023-

Ghostwriting is one of the more mysterious avenues of professional writing work. Who are these people who write words for someone else – often without credit – and then move on to the next job, switching voices and styles like an actor taking on new parts? Read More

May 23, 2022-

Over the years we’ve seen tons of exhilarating books being published that are set in casinos – think Casino Royale, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and Molly’s Game. It’s a thrilling choice of setting, as the highs and lows of the casino world make for some super exciting reads.

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March 22, 2022-

Brian Rouff On 5 Things You Need To Be A Successful Author or Writer

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August 20, 2021-

Brian Rouff’s Indie Journey

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August 19, 2021-

GHOSTS in Vegas. Brian Rouff talks about his last novel “The House Always Wins”.

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June 28, 2021-

6 of the Best Fictional Books About Gambling Read more

August 16, 2019-

Ever wonder what living in Las Vegas is really like? Here’s a top 10 list of books written by people who really know Sin City from the inside. Read more

January 29, 2019-

Read up on the writing tools every hometown author needs to succeed in Brian’s newest article here.


November 22, 2018-

Brian made top 13 things to do in Las Vegas this week on the Action 13 News. Read through the full list here.

October 21, 2018-

Meet Brian who started his creative writing career during a midlife crisis. He has published four books and after many years in the advertising business, he has plenty of wisdom for everyone. Click here to listen to the full interview.

September 8, 2018-

Watch Spilling Ink interview Brian Rouff and Rick Newberry live via Google Hangouts here.

August 24, 2018-

Listen to M.L Suscsak interview Brian Rouff in the latest edition of Author Talk here.

August 21, 2018-

“Join us for an exhilarating chat with Brian Rouff, Vegas author.
We sit down and discuss how finding his niché helped Brian find his audience, how to recognize your strengths, and how to believe in the possibilities YOU have for your audience.” Listen to the full podcast episode here.

July 18, 2018-

Listen to Paranormal Soup ep 144 with host Jason Bland and guest speaker Brian Rouff here.

July 11, 2018-

When I’m not running a communications company and/or working on Las Vegas novels, I do a little writing coaching in my “spare” time. In fact, the only thing I like better than writing is talking about writing. So it makes sense. About 20 percent of what I discuss with my writing clients involves technical moreproblems — dialogue, characterization, plot, subtext, voice and the like. The solution is mostly a matter of awareness, easily fixed in one or two sessions…” Read more

June 6, 2018-

Tune into the George Wilder Jr. Show and listen to an interview with Brian Rouff here.

April 14, 2018-

Listen to Brian’s interview on AM 720 KDWN here.

January 8, 2018-

“Where does a mobster go when he’s through mobstering?

Jail. Witness protection. Heaven (or the other place). Or maybe he just inhabits a fixer-upper he once owned in Las Vegas, where he can meet a young reporter and help her investigate some shady dealings by a crooked casino owner.

Even if he happens to be, well, dead.” Read More

October 31, 2017-

Click here to read a 20 question interview with the author of The House Always Wins, Brian Rouff.

October 26, 2017-

When he’s not writing articles, screenplays and Las Vegas novels such as “Dice Angel,” “Money Shot,” and “The House Always Wins,” he runs Imagine Communications, a marketing and public relations firm based in Henderson. Read More

October 25, 2017-

“The House Always Wins” brings back memories of different characters from mid-century Las Vegas, and stems from Rouff’s own experiences, feeling a presence around him. Read More

October 24, 2017-

Vegas author Brian Rouff has released a fourth Sin City styled novel, The House Always Wins: A Vegas Ghost Story. Kirkus Reviews calls it, “A guilelessly winsome fable.” Learn in this episode how Brian became inspired by his own house to bring a ghostly mobster to life. See video here

October 18, 2017-

Rouff will appear at The Mob Museum in Las Vegas, where he did a lot of research, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Friday, Oct. 20, as well as participate in a panel and book signing at noon Saturday, Oct. 21, at the 16th annual Vegas Valley Book Festival Read More

October 10, 2017-

An interview with Brian Rouff, author of “Dice Angel”, “Money Shot” and his new book “The House Always Wins: A Las Vegas Ghost Story”, three best selling books which take place in Las Vegas Read More

August 4, 2017-

Brian Rouff ’77 has entered into a publishing agreement with venerable gaming publisher Huntington Press to re-launch the company’s fiction division with Rouff’s newest novel, “The House Always Wins.” Read More

July 28, 2017- 

Read about the inspiration behind the haunted house in Brian’s new book, “The House Always Wins”.

I always swore the house was haunted. Creaking noises in the middle of the night, random variations in temperature from room to room (and even within rooms), lights flickering on and off for no apparent reason, doors and drawers seeming to open and close by themselves. I never saw an entity, never felt threatened in any way. And yet . . . Read More