Guest Post from Teri Love

My friend Teri Love just posted a funny and relatable excerpt of the inner turmoil she experiences while trying to write. I re-post it here with her permission. (I wonder which sport she’ll choose):

Things I think during the writing of my research paper:

This makes NO SENSE. I’m an incoherent fool!

This is good stuff. I’m on FIRE!

Facebook! Instagram! Coffee!

What page am I on?

Lyrics to Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline”

What am I TALKING about?

I need a bathroom/stretch/run/potato chip break.

I’m sweating blood.

Teri. You just compared yourself to Jesus in the garden right before he was tortured and killed. You’re writing a research paper. Get a grip.

Lyrics to Khalid’s “8Teen”

Maybe I can’t handle a Master’s degree. I could run a perfectly good hot dog stand.

Maybe I should try out a new sport. Right now.