Serial Novelists

I just finished Chapter 3 of a new collaborative serial novel that will kick off the “Las Vegas Writes” event at the Vegas Valley Book Festival in early November. It’s the type of project in which each author contributes a chapter and passes it on to the next, who then picks up the story line…
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Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

Years ago, I taught a marketing class at our local community college. Students ranged from kids right out of high school to empty nesters re-entering the job force or looking to change careers. I based the lion’s share of the grade on a term project in which each student came up with a unique idea…
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Welcome to my newly-designed website and my first official blog post. As a writer, I’m a little behind the blogging curve (I’m a pretty old guy, after all) but I’m looking forward to sharing my views on a variety of topics. For now, I just want to say that I’m happy I started my little…
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