Books I’ll Never Get To Write

I’m good at naming stuff. For years I’ve been throwing scraps of ideas into a file with pretend names of movies, bands, products, songs, businesses and books. More book titles than I have time or energy to write. Here’s a sampling, broken down by genre. Feel free to use them as you see fit. No royalty necessary. But a little mention in the Acknowledgments page is always nice.


You Should’ve Been Here Yesterday

The Children’s Table

Faking My Own Life


Dead Bolt

Under the Bus

Liar’s Poker


Einstein’s Napkin

Barhopping with God

Algorithm and Blues


Time Share

Extreme of Consciousness

Sunrise at Noon


Wiggle Room

Time for Bedlam

Kindred Spirit


It’s Not You, It’s Me

Mixed Signals

Working Without Annette


Curve Appeal

The Crack of Dawn

The Lay of the Land