Just a quick update for those who have been nice enough to keep tabs on my writing progress since my last post about getting unstuck. I just finished a proposal for a nonfiction humorous (I hope) business book, and have dived (dove?) in to my next novel. However,

I’m tackling this one in an unorthodox manner, at least for me.

Because writing Page 1 is the hardest part (and you thought it was “waiting”), I decided to start with a middle chapter. It seemed to work out well, so I’m just going to write chapters as they occur to me and worry about weaving them together later. Could be a recipe for disaster, but hey, that’s what editors are for.

By the way, we all know what a time waster Facebook can be. So I’ve started using it as an incentive. When I finish writing a little chunk of something, I allow myself a few minutes to check out FB. (In the old days, say two weeks ago, I would have rewarded myself with a trip to the refrigerator.) In fact, I’m going to login right now. But not for long. I think I heard the fridge calling.