Quick Story

Here’s a quick story illustrating the weirdness of grass roots book marketing. A few years ago, I was hawking my wares in a book festival booth at a park in Boulder City, Nevada. A pleasant middle-aged woman picked up a copy of “Dice Angel” and began peppering me with questions. “What’s the book about?” “Where do you get your ideas?” “When do you do your writing?” “Do you think I would enjoy this book?” And a dozen more.

After ten minutes or so, I saw an opening and asked if she’d like to buy a copy. I told her I could offer a special book festival price of $10.00.

She reached in her purse for the money. But before we could conclude the transaction, she asked in an uncertain voice, “What day is today?”

“Tuesday,” I said.

Her eyes grew wide. “Oh,” she gulped. “I don’t buy books on Tuesday.” She disappeared into the crowd before I could find out why.