Mr. Titleman

I love naming stuff. Albums, books, movies, businesses, pets, you name it. (Actually, I name it.) My goal is to someday retire and get people to pay me for this. I even have a name picked out for the company: Mr. Titleman. While I’m waiting for the big bucks, here’s a list of titles I’ve written down and tossed in a folder over the years. Feel free to use one or more for your own nefarious purposes:

“Dead Bolt” – Mystery

“Easily Amused” – Comedy Album

“Acrimony and Cheese” – Marriage Memoir

“Go Figure” – Jewish Game Show

“Fudge Factor” – Reality Show

“Tina Colada” – Character

“Armageddon” – Small Town in Nevada

“King Tit” – Strip Club

“Squalor” – Small Town in New Mexico

“Under the Bus” – Business Book

“Herding Katz” – Jewish Memoir

“Lost in the Shuffle” – Vegas Memoir

“California Roll” – Buddy Movie

“Time Share” – Sci-Fi Novel

“Dodge Rapture” – Car for Christians

“Damaged Goods” – Band Name

“The Children’s Table” – Horror Movie

“It’s Not You, It’s Me” – Romantic Comedy

“Lemmings and Sheep” – Album (or band)

“Body of Work” – Mystery

“Off the Griddle” – Restaurant

“Garbage Time” – Basketball Memoir

“Mixed Signals” – Romantic Comedy

“Ed Cetera” – Character Name

“Corn Swaggles” – Snack Food

“The Crack of Dawn” – Porno

“Lay of the Land” – Ditto

“Exit Strategy” – Mystery

“Sunrise at Noon” – Western

“The Mad Cow Diaries” – Cautionary Tale

“Two Kinds of Luck” – Vegas Memoir

“Spellcheck is Stupid” – Band

“Hotel California” – Hospice

“Too Good for the Room” – Comedy Album

“The Potty Train” – Children’s Book

“Smith, Johnson, Williams and Brown” – Generic Law Firm

“Einstein’s Napkin” – Science Book (or band)

“Cat Food and Crackers” – Could be anything


Sadly, I have lots more. If you decide to procure one, tell ’em Mr. Titleman sent you.