Title: Money Shot

ISBN: 0-9717148-2-7

Author: Brian Rouff

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Hardway Press

No. of Pages: 261

Paperback: $14.95

E-book: $4.95



Alan “Nick” Nichols is living the Great Las Vegas Dream. An executive at Las Vegas’ biggest advertising agency, he has a fine home and family. Just as midlife rumblings of discontent are beginning to settle in, Nick suddenly hits the jackpot. Not in the lottery or at a slot machine, but by buying a Bigg Fizz soda with the winning bottle cap in a million-dollar basketball challenge.

Now Nick has four weeks to prepare for a life changing three-point shot during halftime at the NCAA regional finals in Phoenix. If he nails it, he goes home with a cool mil.

But in Las Vegas, sometimes it’s hard to tell good luck from bad.

Nick quits his job, dumps his cell phone, hires a coach, and rides the roller coaster of fame, stress, and unintended consequences. Finally, the big day arrives. He steps up to the three-point line…and that’s when things get really weird.