Lazy Words

Words like walk, run, talk, write and eat are all perfectly serviceable representatives of the English language, specifically card-carrying members of the verb family. But a little generic, dontcha think? Why settle for the first word that comes to mind, when with a sprinkle of awareness and a pinch of panache, you can do so much better?

And that doesn’t mean sprucing up your boring buddies with unnecessary adverbs. Instead, you get to choose. I mean, how often in life do you have a cornucopia of options at your disposal? (Words like cornucopia, for example.) Instead, get down to specifics. Saunter, dash, gab, scribble and devour will inject your writing with newfound energy and crystallize your thoughts into priceless gems.

Remember, the Thesaurus can be your best friend. But, as in most relationships, be careful not to take advantage of your bestie’s good nature.