I just finished reading a book called “Free” by Chris Anderson. (Ironically, it retails for $15.99.)

As usual, I digress. The main premise of “Free” is that the Internet has made it feasible to give away intellectual and creative content because the cost of doing so is close to zero. This is a radical concept to many, especially the old school folks who feel they should be compensated for their ideas.

While I’m chronologically old school, I like to think I’m open to new concepts from time to time. This one intrigues me because the book explains how to leverage the increased traffic and enhanced reputation that are natural by-products of free. In other words, the free book, CD, video or other creative content becomes a platform to launch paid complementary services, whether public speaking, consulting, live performances, etc. As Paulo Coelho, author of “The Alchemist,” said, “The ultimate goal of a writer is to be read. Money comes later.”

In the spirit of experimentation, I’m offering my Las Vegas novels, “Dice Angel” and “Money Shot,” as free e- books until further notice. You can still buy the hard copies, of course. But if  you don’t mind printing out pages or reading from your screen, just go back to my home page and click on the garish button that prominently displays the word “Free.” It will ask for your name and e-mail info, but I promise not to bother you or sell your name to a broker, scrupulous or otherwise. It’s just a way for me to keep score.

I do ask a favor or two. If you like either or both books, please tell some folks. (If you don’t like them, please keep it under your hat.) Let’s get some buzz going. And if you’re in any way connected to the film industry and are looking for an excuse to make a cool Vegas movie, I know just where to find good source material.

There may be no such thing as a free lunch. But there are free books. Enjoy.