Everybody’s a Winner!

Well, not really. That’s just something craps dealers say to entice you to belly up to the table.

But we do have our three winners (one first place, one tie for second) in the Vegas Valley Book Festival’s Flash! Fiction Contest. (I blogged about it a few weeks back.)

Our friends at Las Vegas CityLife magazine have graciously printed the winning entries in this week’s issue. Here’s a link:


Keep in mind, the contest rules forced our writers to complete these stories in less than 90 minutes (and fewer than 500 words). The participants also needed to adhere to the theme, “Las Vegas: City of Second Chances.” But there could be no references to casinos or gambling. Time and pressure constraints notwithstanding, I think you’ll agree these stories represent quality work in their own right. (Or “own write,” as John Lennon once said.)