Another Form of Procrastination

So I’m in the middle of a writing project, taking an idea that someone else came up with and fleshing (not “flushing”) it out in the form of a treatment. As I get closer to the end of the first draft, I’m finding myself going over and over what I’ve written so far, making little tweaks and adjustments here and there. I’ve been at this game long enough to know what this means. I’m procrastinating. It’s not quite the same as watching the entire first four seasons of “Breaking Bad” (which I highly recommend, by the way) before sitting down to type your first word. But the point is, I’m no closer to wrapping this baby up than I was three hours ago. I’m not overly concerned; I have no doubt that I’ll make my deadline. I’m just recognizing this particular bit of inertia as a public service for myself and my  readers.

Come to think of it, today’s blog is yet another way I’ve chosen to procrastinate. And now, lo and behold, it’s lunchtime. Think I’ll see if the lines have died down at the new “5 Guys” hamburgers down the street. At least I’ll have something to show for today’s lack of effort.